Quick Actions Here, Quick Actions There, Quick Actions Everywhere!

The InsightConnect team is happy to announce a new and improved way that you can interact with and run Quick Actions across the product!

We believe that automation needs to be accessible wherever and whenever you need it and for that reason we wanted to make it easy to be able to run Quick Actions from anywhere!

You can now find a new icon in the top bar within InsightConnect that will open up a new experience for you to be able to view, run, and even copy or download your Quick Action results.

You are still able to access Quick Actions from the Quick Actions page as you had been able to before and we have updated the experience on that page to be consistent with the top bar experience.

If you are not familiar with Quick Actions please check out some of our old posts here, here, and here as well as our documentation which can be found here!

Keep an eye out for some more changes coming, including more Quick Actions that will become available for you to use and as always let us know what you think and tell us what Quick Actions would be most useful for you!