Automation At Your Fingertips With Quick Actions

The InsightConnect team is happy to announce the launch of our newest feature, Quick Actions!

With Quick Actions, you will now be able to run simple yet powerful automated actions from InsightConnect with no setup required. That’s right: the initial set of actions we will be releasing will not require Orchestrators, Connections, Workflows or anything of the like. Simply log into the product, enter some input and start automating!

With our initial release, Quick Actions will be available on the InsightConnect Home page and the first action supported will be to Lookup an IP Address with WHOIS.

This feature will have a Beta flag as we plan to rapidly add additional actions as well as make Quick Actions more accessible throughout the product.

We would love to hear about how you might use this and get any feedback that you have!

What kind of actions would you put here? Would you like this functionality anywhere else in the platform?


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Does what it says, nice, clean. Thx.

For you next trick, it’d be nice feature to also get internal IP info.
It’s the internal ones which can be difficult to lookup on the fly, ie. have to connect to VPN, etc.
NSLOOKUP / DIG / tracert sorta thing.


Thanks for the feedback @jacob_rankin!

We actually have some near term plans to add more actions and one of them will be using our DNS plugin which uses DIG.

Any other actions you think would be useful(even if they have nothing to do with IP addresses)?

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