Plugin Requests

Post your plugin requests here! We need some info about the plugin you’re requesting so we can ensure we understand how you want to use it and how it’d be useful overall.

Product: What product is the plugin integrating with?

Use cases: At a high level, how would you want to use this plugin? What would it help you achieve?

Actions/Triggers: This is the place to mention any specific actions/triggers you’d want to be included, and why.

If there are any other helpful details you want to include, feel free to add those too.


Here’s an example of a plugin request.

Product: ServiceNow

Use cases: We want to automate the creation of incidents in ServiceNow based on data retrieved from InsightVM.

Actions/Triggers: Definitely want an action for creating a new incident. We may end up further expanding the automation, so actions for searching, updating, and deleting incidents would probably be good too.

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