NEW Workflows API Functionality!

We’ve heard your requests for extensible workflow API functionality. As of today, we’ve released our first iteration of improvements to our public workflow APIs with endpoints to List, Get, Activate and Deactivate Workflows. :passenger_ship: Check out the InsightConnect API Guide here to reference documentation for the public APIs available for InsightConnect!

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 11.17.51 AM

With List Workflow, you can retrieve up to 30 workflows at once for an organization. Workflows are returned in an array of workflow objects in descending order by the most recently updated workflows, with parameters to filter by the workflow state (active/inactive), name, or any tags applied to the workflow.

Use Get Workflow to retrieve any one workflow object using the workflowID. The workflow object includes details about the published version of the workflow, any unpublished changes that exist for the workflow, and the workflow state.

Use the Activate and Deactivate endpoints by passing in a workflowID. These endpoints require a User API Key for authentication. Use these endpoints in combination with the Get or List workflows endpoints to assist in troubleshooting or maintenance of your workflows.

Coming up next: Endpoints for Import/Export workflows! Please let us know if you use these endpoints & have any questions or feedback for future API functionality. :partying_face: