List of Database Tables

The online documentation shows some examples of the tables and how we can then use joins around those. Is there a complete list of all the tables in the database somewhere that we could just have for then determining what we’d want to join more easily?

Hey Aaron!

Here’s a list of the tables, as well as extra large graphics to visualize the relationships in the Data Warehouse for InsightVM:

Also some high-level information around the database:

Finally, if you don’t have the data warehouse set up currently, here’s steps for getting that done:

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That warehouse schema visual looks like it a good flow of all the things we’d can map from. Going to look at that export to our external data warehouse as well, that may be another option to hook our assset mgmt system into that rather then pulling/pushing between them.


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Please note the warehouse schema is NOT the console postgres DB Schema. No one within support has been able to provide the Nexpose postgres schema or provide details on what the differences are. This is extremely confusing when you are trying to write a SQL query, again with no help from support, and you only have the warehouse schema as a reference, thus your query will be wrong.