Export All Table List by SQL

I refered to a below blog.
And then, I’d like to get list the latest registerd tables.
Can I do it?

*Tried to Query
SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables; → Error:The query is invalid.
Not enough roles? My role is admin.

Referer: List of Database Tables ( List of Database Tables )


Please be sure your query references exact column(s) and table name(s). When running a SQL query from the in-product SQL Query Export report, please reference this documentation for available facts and dimensions that can be queried:

All of the exact table names and row names are listed in the above documentation.

The statement SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables; is going to be invalid because “tablename” and “pg_tables” don’t exist in the reporting data model - you need to replace “pg_tables” with the table you are querying, and replace “tablename” with the column of the table you’re selecting.


Thank you for Newly reference.
But I wanted to get All Table List as using " *pg_tables".
Because each tables messed up enable/disable on InsightVM Console GUI. Is there or not a issue with the table config or other setting etc ?
In any case, I can continue these investigation by Newly reference.


The reporting data model is a dimensional model meant for reporting, and cannot be queried in the way you are attempting. All of the table names and their associated columns are listed in the Facts and Dimensions documentation I linked.

You can only accomplish SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables; from the console CLI in the unlocked underlying database. I don’t recommend running queries from there without Rapid7 Support guidance, as you could easily damage the underlying database.

For more info on the RDM please read this: Understanding the reporting data model: Overview and query design | InsightVM Documentation


Thank you very much !
I understood Rapid7 Dimentional Model Specification.