JIRA Ticketing Formatting

Question for the R7 community has anyone figured out a way in the remediation project ticketing connection to provide JIRA a way to format the info that is being presented? I am trying to use the syntax provided by the platform, but the formatting just pukes in the the ticket.

Syntax’s being used

The project uuid.
The project name.
The solution name.
Solution Additional Information.
Solution Fix Steps
Solution Reference URL
A comma delimited list of asset ips.
A comma delimited list of asset os’s.
A comma delimited list of asset names.
A comma delimited list of vulnerability ids.

What I am after in terms of formatting please see below

PROJ_NAME section
Hello you have been assigned $PROJ_NAME by your information security team insert two line breaks here

SOL_NAME and SOL_ADDL_INFO Text insert two line breaks

VULN_ID_LIST, SOL_Fix section with SOL_URL section
text insert two line breaks

text insert two line breaks

To review more details please login to system here - link to onprem platform would be here

Hey @patrick_hook, one way you might be able to format this a bit better is with the use of panels. Not specifically the format you need but below is an example I remembered from long ago that might be helpful to start from:


{panel:title=Solution Details|titleBGColor=#D3D3D3}*Fix:* $SOL_NAME \\ *URL:* $SOL_URL \\ *Additional Details:* $SOL_ADDL_INFO{panel} {panel:title=Remediated Vulnerabilities|titleBGColor=#D3D3D3}$VULN_ID_LIST{panel} {panel:title=Assets Impacted|titleBGColor=#D3D3D3}$ASSET_NAME_LIST{panel} {panel:title=Operating Systems Impacted|titleBGColor=#D3D3D3}$ASSET_OS_LIST{panel}

Example screenshot from Jira:
Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.11.10 AM


This is perfect Zac! Thank you so much for the advise and assistance!

I just wanted to take a moment and let the community know what all I had done. So I took the suggestion from @zyoutz and did not have success with getting the items to populate in titles correctly. Apparently Atlassian has recently made a change restricting the options available to you.

These panels where the only panels I could use and get this to work

This error panel

This info panel

This success panel

This warning panel

This note panel

If someone wants to please feel free to use my config below and adjust as necessary for your environment.

{panel:bgColor=#eae6ff}Vulnerability Remediation Project - $PROJ_NAME {panel} You have been assigned or added as participant in this vulnerability remediation project. Please try to remediate this finding if possible. If this item can not be remediated please let the Information Security team know so that we can update and add the finding to the companies risk registry. \ {panel:bgColor=#fefae6}The following solution is the best solution to remediate the vulnerability {panel} $SOL_FIX \ \ Please see the following url if available to assist with remediation $SOL_URL \ {panel:bgColor=#ffebe6} Affected IPs & Hostnames {panel} $ASSET_IP_LIST \ \ $ASSET_NAME_LIST \ {panel:bgColor=#e3fcef} By remediating this finding, it will remediate the following vulnerabilities {panel} $VULN_ID_LIST \ {panel:bgColor=#deebff} How to follow up on remediation or get more details about the vulnerability {panel} To track and update the status of your remediation’s, please login into the console found [here|https://FQDNoflocalinstall:portused/login.jsp] or you can login to the cloud dashboard [here|https://exposure-analytics.insight.rapid7.com/#/remediation/projects]

sample screenshot



Thanks @patrick_hook for the follow up! Good to know that panels have changed a bit.

Your Welcome @zyoutz!