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I would like to suggest to Rapid7 to have the ability for IDR to have it function on a mobile phone. The current design is terrible on a phone (at least iOS).
We can’t open an investigation if only it was to quickly review evidence.

Anyone else think this is a good idea or does someone have a workaround for this?


Howdy @theesmans! Gwen from the InsightIDR product team here. :wave: Great feedback, and something we hear often, too. We do have something in the hopper on this currently, and would love to walk through our approach and early designs to get your feedback. It would only take about 30 minutes – do you and/or your team have availability in the next few weeks?


Hi @gwen_betts_idr ,
That sounds great! It should be possible to free up 30 minutes too help with something that would be a great addition for us :smile:

When were you thinking? We are pretty flexible and I can free up someone to walk trough it with you.

This is something I’ve been yelling at my CSR about for over a year now. Nothing like getting an alert in the middle of the night (which, mind you, has to be forwarded to my cell via e-mail-to-sms because they dont have Slack/Teams alerts for built in alerts enabled) and not being able to pull it up on your phone and having to get out of bed and go to your computer only to find out it’s a false positive (basically always). This is so, so, so overdue and a brutal thing to not be able to do in 2021 with any software, let alone one that costs this much…


I think taking this a step further and having an app for this would be very beneficial with notification straight from the app itself. I would challenge you all to make this a full functional app not just a limited functionality app like so many vendors do now and days.


Would love to help with a Mobil app! how can I help? @gwen_betts_idr

Yap, a mobile / responsive website would be great, but an actual app to check the dashboards, data collectors (health) and investigations and to get notified by the app itself would be great.


Hi @gwen_betts_idr,

I did not yet hear back from you. When would be a good time to schedule a 30 minute call?
As you can see in the threat, more people have the same request.

Well let me add my voice to this as well. I would be willing to help test or to discuss this at any time. I believe it is something that would be tremendously helpful.

Love seeing all the interest; the more participants, the merrier! :slight_smile: For our first milestone, we’re evaluating the investigation use case: login in, get a list of investigations, drill down into an individual investigation, and make a decision on if you need to go to a computer to address. Beyond this initial scope, we’re going to look at the need to expand this use case and on different use cases. This may make for a great group session if folks are able and open to it. @pete_jacob @abernz @theesmans @robert_holzer @cmichetti @kerry_leblanc

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yes please! sign me up!

Count me in as well

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Same here, I’m in

Yes, count me in!

I’m in obviously :smiley:


Be in touch very soon!! Collecting your details on our end now. :wink:


so excited for this! :blush:

I can try to be in. I would like to but time is always my enemy…

Count me in.

Also very interested in this if you need more test subjects!