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Got feedback? We’d love to hear from you! If you’re looking to report something about the extension library or this forum, please leave a comment here with sufficient details and we’ll look into it as soon as possible. Feedback may include things like:

  • Extension library content that you find helpful
  • Additional extension library content that you’d like to see
  • Library features that you like/dislike (layout, organization, sorting, etc.)
  • Issues you encounter when posting on this forum

And much more!

If you discover a bug within our extension library, please report it via Rapid7 Support. This allows us to more easily track its progress and resolution.

We’re always looking to improve the experience for everyone, so feedback of all types is greatly appreciated!


first :grinning:

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I honestly would like to see improvements made to the Jira integration for IDR. It drives me crazy VM can interface with our ticketing queue, but IDR can not =\

My team has discovered the extension in IDR , apparently is using an issue type only found in jira software and it does not correlate to the ticketing queue. The task type it wants is Story, but Jira service desk does not support that.

Log out put below:
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/jira/”, line 1810, in issue_type_by_name
raise KeyError(“Issue type ‘%s’ is unknown.” % name)
KeyError: “Issue type ‘Story’ is unknown.”

Fingers crossed this is something you guys are working on! I have wanted it ever since we got the product over 1 year ago =)


Hi Patrick! First of all, thank you so much for your feedback! I absolutely understand how that would be frustrating if your team doesn’t use the “Story” issue type.

I think the right approach, as you correctly called out, is to allow you to set the issue type of part of the workflow configuration so that it can be whatever issue type works best for you! We’ll be looking into this update internally

Let us know if you have any other feedback!

Sr. Product Manager - Detection & Response


Thank you for the response Nick and will do! :smile::beers:

Hi Patrick,

If you have more specific processes you’re trying to drive or automate as a part of your security program, then it may be worth looking at InsightConnect to get a fully customizable workflow. With the InsightConnect Jira plugin, you can take complete control of your use case!
Read more about InsightConnect here if you’re interested.

Fight on,


Hi Spencer,

I actually have been looking at that with my team and we have spoke some folks over at Rapid 7 about it some time ago. We are still exploring the use cases to make it work. But in the meantime if IDR could do it on its own that would just be awesome-sauce, thank you as well for reaching out! :wink: :beers:

Have a good one!


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If I was to be brutally honest, Im not 100% sure what I gain from this extensions page.
I have insightvm and idr. All the things I can see are options that are already in these products.
If you press configure it takes you to section within the products. Cant I do this without this page?

Happy for someone to explain show me where Im going wrong on this.

Thanks @phil.pearce for joining the community and for the constructive feedback. The reason integrations for InsightVM and InsightIDR have been listed in the extension library are so they can be more easily explored for our customers that aren’t yet aware of those product integration features. You are correct though that if you have already set them up within InsightVM or InsightIDR that you do not need to use the extension library directly. Over time more extensions will become available for all of our products so you can more easily search and become aware of those that are native, as well as those that live on third-party marketplaces (example) or are directly available for download (example).

We would love to see integrations with DUO and DNSFilter

@jeffrey_coyle Thanks for joining our community! Can you give me some more around the use case or what you want to do with those integration points? Definitely looking to add more integrations.

I just posted a topic about the Cisco Sourcefire Plugin by clicking the ‘Start a Discussion’ button at the bottom; yet after posting the topic, the post does not show up at the bottom of the Extension page. Is this a limitation within the Discussion platform right now or did I do something wrong? Thank you

@tony_hamil It should show up now. We are trying to automate the tagging process between Posts in here and the Extension Library but right now we need an Admin or Moderator to tag them after the Post has been created. We are toying with the idea of doing an InsightConnect Workflow to automate this for us :grinning:

Sounds good… thank you for the reply.

I’m liking the Extension Library. The search functionality is nice are the improved documentation is a lot more useful (I saw a demo of the upcoming documentation enhancements and they will be very helpful) One suggestion that I have is when I look at a plugin I see that it is already installed, but I have to click into it to see this. Could something be added to the overview page that would also indicate this? Also, maybe a search filter like (All, New, Installed)?


Hey @brandon_mcclure, thanks for the feedback. Regarding the plugin install status, what do you think of this?


Does this help address the friction? Let us know what you think.


Yes, that is exactly what I would like to see


We have exactly the same issue. We were promised a product that could submit to a Ticketing system, and it only has abliity to submit a “Story” which is for software projects. Then we’re told we can spend more on another product that will do what we were told IDR could do.

Dont get me started on how “knee-capped” the “automation” is in IDR – it falls FAR below our expectation pre-sales based on the documentation. I’m sorry that both halves of this issue were apparently marketing decisions.

I like the base functionality in iDR and impressed with the capabilities that are ALMOST all the way there.

Broadcom Symantec Email.Cloud extension (plugin) requested
Cybereason extension (plugin) requested

Thanks for the requests! We actually just created a brand new topic under InsightConnect for Plugin Requests, so I’d be keen on learning more about how you want to use these, if you don’t mind adding a few more details over there.