Zoom integration with InsightIDR - JWT app type being deprecated on 6/1/23 by Zoom

Just received this email from Zoom (Zoom is integrated with our InsightIDR via a Zoom JWT app):

Migrate your JWT app by June 1, 2023

The JWT app type will be deprecated on June 1, 2023. After this date, you will no longer be able to use your JWT apps.

We recommend that you create Server-to-Server OAuth or an OAuth app to replace the functionality of a JWT app in your account.

See the FAQ for details.

The Zoom Pro documentation on InsightIDR integration documentation still shows to create a JWT app in Zoom for integration.

Are there plans to update the integration method?

4.5 months until 6/1…

Hey @jason_macikanycz,

Thanks for flagging, work is already being lined up to update our Zoom event source & support the new authentication. We’re not sure on exact timing just yet, but it should be well before June.

Any questions just let me know,