Your Security Console Didn't Respond

I’m setting up view-only access for external users that have connectivity back to the network that our security console resides on. After logging in to insight cloud and selecting categories other than the dashboard (vulnerabilities, assets etc), some are getting the following error:


Has anyone run into this issue before? Is this network/firewall related?

I’ve seen that before, usually when I have the window open for a while and the session times out.
Reloading the page and re-authenticating usually resolves it

This typically happens because you don’t have a signed cert on your console. It’s most likely the browser not allowing you to navigate to the console URL through that link.

The solution for this is ofcourse to get a signed cert loaded into the console but the short-term workaround would be to have them navigate to the console URL directly and accept the security warning (no need to login to the console) and then refresh the initial page that gave you this error.

Nevermind. This was caused by firewall policy! Working now.


or that

I’m experiencing a similar issue on my end. By chance could you share what firewall policy was causing this issue? Our certs are valid, and its not a DNS issue.

The connection port is typically 3780 unless changed