Would you like a Workday plugin?

Hey everyone, if you would like to extend your InsightConnect use-cases with automation around Workday we’re in discovery around a design for a Workday plugin and would love to talk to you and get your feedback and comments around it. Below are high-level functionality and some questions about what YOU would find valuable. Feel free to provide other suggestions and feedback as well!


  • Get Worker Events - trigger a workflow on employee events such as employee termination event.

    • What other events would you need?


  • Disable Worker - Disable an employee by username

  • Enable Worker - Enable an employee by username

  • Search Workers - Search employees by name, email, ID and organization.

    • Should name search be based on Preferred or Legal name?
    • Should e-mail search be based on Primary e-mail?
    • What other search attributes would you need?
  • Get Worker Details - Get details for an employee by worker ID (hire date, worker status, organization, department, manager)

    • What other details would you want to return?

In addition, Workday supports 3 different APIs today:

  • SOAP
  • REST
  • Custom RaaS (Custom REST endpoint).

Unfortunately, none of the APIs have parity with one another. E.g.

  • The SOAP API only supports Disable and Enable a Worker, while the others do not.
  • In addition, REST and SOAP do not provide granular search for all the fields a user may want to return (e.g e-mail address) but Custom RaaS does.

With that said, a hybrid approach is necessary to accommodate multiple use-cases. RaaS gives the most flexibility but requires additional configuration in Workday to build a custom report that the plugin can return from the API. We can document how to build a custom report but want to know if you anticipate friction working with the Workday owners at your company to add the custom report. Ultimately, would it be too difficult and prevent you from using it? Or is this the level of functionality you’re seeking - being able to choose which fields to return in InsightConnect to make automation decisions!

And if you would like to talk about your use-cases in more detail, don’t hesitate to shoot me a private message and we can get a call set up and figure out a path to accommodate them.


PII would always be a concern and clear documentation on access rights to prevent this would need to be in the documentation.
Currently we do use the Custom RaaS to identify if a user is on leave to enrich unfamiliar logon alerts and I think this would be a more maintainable use of this vs the HTTP Request plugin.


We would certainly be interested in this. The Search Workers and Get Worker Details would be useful. Many times we have a need to check Employment status, termination date, hire date, and other parameters.

The ability to trigger a workflow directly from a termination would also be extremely helpful. We had to create a not-so-elegant workaround for this by forwarding emails to a monitored inbox and parsing the emails.


As far as friction with our Workday team, I think as long as we can limit the data in same way to not include PII, salary or other confidential HR data, they would be onboard


Hi, I think this plugin would be useful, in terms of checking to see in a User is actually an employee. I dont think I’d want ICON to do much more than a lookup on certain fields

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