Workflow to close IDR alerts if Jira ticket is closed

We have created a Jira workflow that creates jira ticket every time an IDR alert is generated. Now we would like to explore another workflow like if the Jira ticket is closed, we would also need another workflow that closes IDR alert as well. I checked with API trigger and still working on it though.

Any insights would be helpful.

You could use the Monitor Issues Trigger from Jira to detect any time the status is updated on a ticket, and if it is resolved/closed then go and close the corresponding IDR alert. To do this you would need the ticket and IDR alert RRN to be correlated together. You could store it in the ticket or associate the ticket ID and RRN together in a global artifact. It might require some changes to your Create a Ticket workflow to store that information when created that can be referenced when it runs the close ticket workflow.

Thanks for the information. I was hoping if you do have some sample screenshots or diagram? I can’t find the details of IDR alert RRN when going to Create Issue or in Alert Artifact when viewing the workflow.