Workflow Suggestion - Throttled Triggers

Sometimes things get backed up because of outside issues and I was thinking it would be nice to be able to throttle Triggers. I’m not sure how this would work for things like API Triggers, but for ones that are on a timer or that reach out in intervals, it would be nice to say if there are more than X number of Workflows either in a running state or an Error State within a timeframe then skip. This would help with some clean up if something changes causing lots of failures (e.g. credentials get locked out overnight and you come in to see hundreds of Job Failures :frowning: ).

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I like this idea. We’d have to do some brainstorming around it to figure out the best way to make it configurable so we’re not needlessly throttling people’s triggers/workflows. One idea (which I totally stole from @tristan_harward) is schedules, which would make it easier to ensure some harmony with your workflows. But we’re open to other suggestions too.

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I’d even be happy with a Filter step or Decision that I could have at the beginning of a Workflow. If it was a timer workflow I might skip if the running or unclaimed error counts are too high, and if it was an API Trigger maybe capture the info in an Artifact so i could run it later if needed?