Workflow Snippet Output

I have some issues mapping variables within my snippets to an output variable that gets sent out of the snippet.

What I do currently is that I take an input string and with the help of “String Operations” by Rapid7 I split that input in to a list of strings.

That list I then loop over and with the Decision action I match certain criteria’s, then want to clean the string a bit with the “Advanced Regex” by Rapid7 and then return the result of the cleaning.

Input String → Split to list → Loop over list → Decision → Cleaning → Result

However when I create Output Variables these results variables are nowhere to be found.
I can only see value variables from before the loop.

Anyone have any pointers if I’m thinking about it wrong?
Is this expected behavior? If so how to do it?

Thanks in advance

Found it, I had completely missed that I needed to add custom output variables of the Loop as well to be able to use these variables to then send as output of the Snippet.