Workflow parameter doesn't support Array, Collection, or Object

I’m building a Workflow which will include a few allowlist/blocklists. These will be small and fairly static, perhaps 5-10 terms in each list. I was hoping to use Workflow Parameters for this, but there’s no concept of an Array datatype in Workflow Parameters. Only single datatypes (e.g. String, Integer) are supported. This is at odds with other places in InsightConnect which allow for schema definition; Array, Collection, and Object datatypes are typically exposed.

I’ve considered using a Global Artifact instead, but there’s a problem with that approach: if I share the Workflow, either with colleagues or with the wider InsightConnect community, they’ll need to create a Global Artifact to match.

I could also have a single string with a separator character and split that into a list within the Workflow, but that feels hacky.

Is there any way to use Workflow Parameters to support a list of strings, or do I need to choose one or the workarounds I mention above?

I’ve used either type converter or a parsing step to do this in the past, not ideal, but it gets it done

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