Workflow expects the Trigger output variables to be filled (prompt) as if they were input variables when the Workflow is about to be run as a Job

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to test a Workflow with a custom trigger,
with defined input and output variables, and the input variables properly filled in the builder.
I’m only including the Trigger itself as the sole step of the workflow.
The problem is that the output variables of the trigger are being prompted to be filled out,
when trying to run the Workflow as a job. This happens also when i include further steps in the WF.
Almost as if the output variables were the input variables, but that is not the case, I have checked the spec yaml and the code and all seems in order.

Any ideas what I might be missing?
Thanks in advance.

Probably this is not a big issue as I realized that a Trigger is activated and run the moment a Workflow is published, and then can be turned on and off via the toggle switch button.

I wonder though whether there is a Slack channel or something of the sorts where a more dynamic conversation can be had with the devs :thinking: .