Workflow Builder Zoom Behavior

We recently released a small update to InsightConnect’s workflow builder UI that we hope brings a big smile to the face of our tenured builders. Previously, when you were building a workflow and added or edited a step, the builder view snap-zoomed-out to show the entire workflow. This was a bit jarring, especially for larger workflows, as the builder view could go from looking at a few steps to showing the entire 20+ step workflow quite abruptly.

Now, when you add or edit a workflow step, the builder view does not move. You can then pan and zoom on the builder when editing the step. We believe this is a much smoother builder experience, and we hope you do, too!

How do you feel about the changes to the workflow builder view behavior?

  • I like it! Less zooming, more building.
  • Meh. I could take it or leave it.
  • I liked it better before when the view zoomed out.

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Please comment with any additional feedback or ideas for improvement!

One issue I found that got me the other day. If you are working on a big Workflow and have a Loop towards the top or bottom, when you go into the Loop that path is off the page. I was really confused and thought the Loop was broken, but then I found it by zooming out and panning. Is there something that can prevent a Workflow from being off screen or a “recenter” button?

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Hey Brandon! Thank you for reporting this, we put in a fix for this so when you open a Loop step it should re-center around the steps in the loop.

Even so, a recenter button is still a great idea!

Ah, I had to refresh the page, this is working now. Thanks!