Windows 10 1909 false positive

When scanning windows 10 1909 from Nexpose, they are being flagged as Obsolete OS. This happens even when scanning using the insight agent. Anyone else experiencing this ?

some versions of 1909 are:

This doesn’t help. Windows 10 1909 EOL is May 2022

Hi Nick,

Most editions of Windows 10 1909 went EOL May 2021 as per -

Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10 1909 do not go EOL until May 2022 (as you correctly pointed out)

The Windows 10 obsolete check takes the edition into consideration when looking at the obsolete version. Have you verified the edition you are getting flagged as Obsolete OS?

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You are right. Nexpose is reporting them as just “Microsoft Windows 1909” with specifying if it’s pro on enterprise. Thank you