Whois 2.0.2 has problems


Im using Whois plugin 2.0.2 to query registars, but everytime i get the same:


If I pass an APNIC ip, it just defaults to ARIN.

But then if i pass ARIN, it just returns Error, just like the pictures above.


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Hey @mauricio_amaya, thanks for the post - we created a ticket to look into this issue. Will keep you updated.

Hey @mauricio_amaya! I noticed in the log output that the version of whois plugin being used is 1.0.3. Any chance you could upgrade the plugin to the latest (2.0.2) and try running the action again?

I tested locally with the same address and it worked so we wanted to see if you experience the same problem with the latest plugin or not. Thanks!


@zyoutz thank you, I did not spot that… I just checked back in my Plugin list and saw whois as in ver. 2.0.2


But I was using indeed ver. 1.0.3, changed to 2.0.2 but still have some problem.


Nor ver 2.0.3 image

Hey @mauricio_amaya, since the plugin could not auto-detect the WHOIS server for you, we added support to choose a server manually in the action configuration. https://extensions.rapid7.com/extension/whois/v3.0.0

Let us know how this goes, if we still have issues it may be location or network related and it might be best to get on a call with an engineer to help figure out that problem live if that’s something you would be interested in.

Hey @jon_schipp,

Thanks, I used Whois ver. 3.0.0 using Cloud instead of the orchestrator, and without selecting manually the registrar - so “automatic”

It’s working now! :+1:

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