Who would have thought a mouse could be this dangerous

Interesting read and a pretty big whoopsie:


This seems like it would be a Windows vulnerability and I wonder if other hardware would have the same results? Definitely something I will be keeping an eye on.

agreed, not sure why that would even be an option to launch Powershell like that…

It has been around for a long time either natively of via a reg hack originally for cmd then PowerShell and Linux has had something similar for bash as long as I can remember

I’m guessing this particular instance with Razer is one of many, given how common this is with software installation :grimacing:

I’ve tried it on a couple of other installations on my lab and can’t get the powershell prompt to appear, so I’m still digging into this.

Are you holding down shift and right clicking?
If not there is a reg hack that you can add to have it always appear.

Yes sir.

Registry edit to prevent Windows from automatically running installers when you plug in a device (e.g. a Razer mouse): https://twitter.com/wdormann/status/1432703702079508480