What's your favorite plugin

And why is it Craigslist?


:rofl: I’m not sure why that plugin exists but I’d love to see a workflow that uses it

The virustotal plugin is my favorite. Makes it super easy to automate the scanning or lookup of files/urls for Phishing workflows and it’s just an overall cool service to use!

Ask @jon_schipp about how he automated the search for his guitar amps and other music gear.

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That plugin goes way back when I was first learning the SDK. We often forget it still exists, as it was a hackathon project. It helped me locate some great used music gear, and from that I built an exceptional guitar rig! Displaying half below, click for the full image


We excel at solving SOAR use-cases. Two of my favorite plugins that come to mind are our Microsoft Office365 Email plugin which is very powerful with its features to automate phishing investigations. The other one is the Palo Alto Wildfire plugin which allows users to quickly get information on files to determine whether or not the they’re malicious. They work great well together, and the Wildfire plugin can be easily replaced with Virus Total if you’re not a Palo Alto customer.

Lots of versatility here.

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I think the Slack plugin’s been really handy in a few different workflows. Have the workflow shoot you a Slack message, make a one-click decision, and bam, next step.