What is the best way to get a domain's registered organization?

What is the best way to get a domain’s organization? It is not obvious which way to go here, pulling from urlscan (have you seen the output JSON?) and WHOIS seems to be pretty lacking.

The end goal is to get - domain.com: belongs to EVILCORP, Inc

Have you checked out the various Domain related workflows in the library? Rapid7 Extensions

If so, I am interested in what way they didn’t meet the need for your use case.

I’ve exhausted the FREE plugins so WHOIS, urlscan etc. I want to see the registrant for a domain, the company who owns it if it is available. This seems to be the only info that is missing from these option’s output.

Hey @hayden_redd, do you have a domain example that you would be able to share here or privately that has missing fields with the WHOIS plugin? It would be helpful to verify if the plugin is not extracting certain fields or if it’s the nature of WHOIS response: the WHOIS protocol allows pretty much any free form text so some responses from the WHOIS server will contain more or less information depending on what the registrar has available.