What is a Rapid7 Hosted Scan Engine?

Hi. What is a Rapid7 Hosted Scan Engine, and what is it used for?

TY for your help!

Hi Bretton! A Rapid7 Hosted Scan Engine is an Engine which Rapid7 will host (for a fee) which you can connect your console to and then use to assess external facing assets. Should you be interested in learning more about cost or anything else you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager/Representative to learn more :slight_smile:

@gina_seiber Are the hosted scan engines still a thing? I thought they were being depreciated at some point. If not could they be tied to an on prem instance so we could setup sites that we can leverage scans against. Maybe a use case would be moving to an environment that is not AD directly connected so you have no vpn or gpo’s in play. So essentially it would be a cloud scanning environment that would report back and have ability to do a full site scan against so you could do things like policy scanning (I know I mentioned no gpo but they can be configured to look for reg keys which is useful in itself to determine compliance and possible use for a gold standard for an image. )

The ‘Rapid7 Shared Hosted Scan Engine’ in insightVM is essentially deprecated but the feature still exists and we are using an alternate engine. So if the customer picked up that feature, we would provide an IP they would add to their console and we would complete the pairing so they would essentially have the same thing it would just look like a normal dedicated engine in the console.

@sean_carey We stopped selling our shared hosted scan engines in 2019 but we do still sell our Dedicated scan engines :slight_smile: Those have not been “deprecated” at all.

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