What are Rapid7's plans to deal with the End of LIfe of PostgreSQL 11?

What are Rapid7’s plans to deal with the End of LIfe of PostgreSQL 11? The last minor version will be released on November 9th, 2023, that will effectively indicate end of life for PostgreSQL 11 per the following URL:



You can upgrade PostgreSQL from the InsightVM Administration page.

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I did the update last week! It worked without any issues.

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So it handles the upgrade and install? You just need to do the backup?

Yes. I had to create a backup (and I created a backup schedule while I was in there). Once the backup was completed, I was able to initiate the PostgreSQL upgrade.

If an upgrade is available, it should show up on your InsightVM Administration page and you should have received an in-app notification about it as well.

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Perfect. That seemed to be what I was missing. Maybe it was just me but it didn’t seem to be clear that it would handle everything for the upgrade.

Everything was done via the InsightVM UI. Apparently I linked the wrong guide previously; sorry for the confusion.