Watchguard parsing not working

Hello Community,
since midnight on September 1st, the parsing of the Watchguard firewalls of all my clients is not working correctly. We receive the logs correctly, but no parsing occurs.


Is anyone experiencing the same problem?



This should now be resolved as the team have located the issue, which was due to a timestamp misconfiguration within the parsing system.


Yes, I reported it on thursday night, it´s now solved in all our customers

"The issue with Watchguard event sources has now been resolved. The issue was a bad update release on our side causing the date time format to be incorrect when the date went to September 1st and added an extra space.

Please let me know if this is not resolved on your side or if you or you customers are still not seeing log being parsed now. We can see the parsing rates already increasing on our side.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation while this was investigated. "