Vulnerability Report

Can someone please help, how can we fetch the vulnerability report with all the details especially Severity (Critical, Moderate, Severe). It’s little urgent, suggest me if someone has any SQL query with the same requirement.

What type of vulnerability info are you looking for besides severity? We have an example SQL query here that retrieves info for recently published vulnerabilities. Severity is included as part of that.

And if you scroll down on the menu bar on the left side of that page, there are lots of other SQL examples listed, some of which are vulnerability specific. Those can be a good starting point for customizing your own query.

@holly_wilsey I am trying to fetch the report using SQL query which has Container information as well. How can it be possible ?

Hey Amit, could you give us a little more info on the specific fields you’re looking to include in this report? That would help us figure out what tables would be used in the query.

Basically the requirement to fetch the report using SQL for Container images using InsightVM (CONTAINERS)

Image repository:
image ID:
Image Digest:

Also, please share the reference, by which we can also modify in furture, since it’s little urgent request. thank you in advance.

Thanks for the info! It looks like all those fields should be in the dim_asset_container table, so if you do a select * from dim_asset_container, then you should see those output. You can add WHERE clauses as needed to limit which asset container info you’re selecting.

I found this table looking at the data warehouse schema (linked below), though I believe the query should work in the console. Note that if you don’t have the data warehouse configured, not all of the data in the schema below will be available.

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That is quite the Entity Relationship Diagram! Thank you for highlighting it, @holly_wilsey.

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Of course! It’s super handy, I end up referencing it a bunch when I’m messing around in my VM lab.

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Thank you @holly_wilsey