Vulnerability report by published date


I am looking for a report based on the date a vulnerability was published. For example, I would like the report to show all vulnerabilites published from 9-10 through 9-13 and the amount of instances along with the host name. Is this possible?

If you create a new SQL Query Export report and use this criteria does this give you what you need? You’ll need to manually amend the dates to get the range you want.

FROM dim_asset da
JOIN dim_asset_vulnerability_solution dasv ON dasv.asset_id = da.asset_id
JOIN dim_vulnerability dv on dv.vulnerability_id = dasv.vulnerability_id
dv.date_published BETWEEN ‘2023-08-01’ and ‘2023-09-01’

Thanks for the response. I am getting a syntax error when using the quotes around the date, when taking them out, I get an “operator does not exist: date>=integer” error

Replace the quotes with a ’ and it should work.

EDIT: OK, the format of the editor and how it appears in the post isn’t helping 4explain this! Effectively the single quotes should be there but should have no ‘curl’ to them and should look identical on the start\end of each date.

EDIT 2: The query on this page in the R7 github SQL query list shows the kind of thing I mean

It works great. Thanks so much!