Vulnerability over X+ Days by Serverity based on teams SLA

Hi Community.

We are woking on teams SLA and targets and our SLA’s for remediation differ from R7 standard times. The teams also have a target to get all vulnerabilities less than a % and I’m trying to create a report for this instead of constantly manyally doing it in Excel exports and manipulation.

The example query is:
Critical Vulnerabilities over 10 days less than 10% of total Critical
Severe Vulnerabilities over 30 days less than 10% of total Severe
Moderate Vulnerabilities over 90 days less than 10% of total Moderate

The example output is:
85.7% of unique Critical vulnerabilities are over 10 days
77% of unique Severe vulnerabilities are over 30 days
66.6% of unique Moderate vulnerabilites are over 90 days

This is the basic information and I appreciate any assistance on this that you can give.

In addition if there is the ability to trend this that would be even better.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Did you try exploring “Goals And SLAs” option?


Sorry could you please confirm as I’m not aware you can do a report using Goals and SLA. Also when ever I look at Vuln age over 90 days it sets the age from when the SLA is created not when it was discovered.

Hi there! We do have a dashboard card called “Vulnerability Discovery Date by CVSS Score” that details the information you may be looking for. Please let me know if this will work, if not I’d be happy to assist with creating a query with you!

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 10.45.58 AM