Vulnerability instance history

Hi, Is it possible to create a report to show a history of count of instances of a specific vulnerability over time? For example, we would want to see progress on vulnerability remediation by day or week to see the instances dropping, i.e. 10 on Monday, 8 on Tuesday etc.

I know something similar can be achieved with remediation projects, but only from the point a remediation project is started, so just wondered if something is possible retrospectively - i’ve searched the schema pages and the dashboards etc for inspiration but nothing is jumping out at me.


I don’t quite think there is anything you could do retroactively either way but a different solution outside of remediation projects would be the data warehouse. You could set up time stamped tables for things like fact_vulnerability that has a column for instances alongside each vulnerability id.

Thanks John, I did look at the data warehouse options when i came across the schema for it a few weeks ago, and then backed out when i saw the RAM and Disk requirements!

I’ve set up some Remediation Projects which will be OK for us from now on.