Vulnerabilities still showing after applying updates

I have a few Mac systems that were showing vulnerabilities for Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader as well as Google Chrome. I have applied the necessary updates to the systems and they appear to be as up-to-date as possible but when I scan the machines the results still show the same vulnerabilities are there. It seems the updates are not removing the vulnerable files, keys, folders, etc. the InsightVM scan is checking. Do I have to manually remove these items after applying the necessary updates?

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Seeing the same issue in my environment with Windows machines. I’m hoping to see some good replies to this question. It’s difficult to build trust with the individuals who are resolving the vulnerabilities when their work is not reflected accurately.

Hey, What about the InsightVM “proof”? What does it show?

Hi @jmitchell3
We experienced this issue especially with Google chrome. I have analyzed an issue just recently with a colleague from the windows client team. We also have Microsoft Defender on all our endpoints and I regularly check unusual scan results with the results from MS Defender.
In the recent case I had two Windows 10 clients, where the scanner identified Google Chrome with the product version 70.69.32829 although we are @ version 125.0.6422.61
Here is a link with more information.

The proof looked like this:
Screenshot 2024-06-20 154643

Hi, I’m with the Product Management team for IVM. We can investigate this issue further if you go ahead and open a support case and provide all the details.
Thank you!