Velociraptor Acquisition and Integration


I just got a pop-up in our console talking about the Velociraptor acquisition. What a great buy for the R7 IDR portfolio!

I see that the Velociraptor agent has already been bundled into the Insight Agent - great first moves there, and very quickly implemented. I would suggest that exposing Velociraptor functionality to query endpoints from the IDR console would be a great feature enhancement for the platform and an excellent way to continue to drive customer value!

I just wanted to voice my enthusiasm for Velociraptor and the acquisition here and I am looking forward to what the future holds - great work!


@nick_defoe just wanted to respond and say it’s so great to hear that excitement… of course we share it internally, but hearing the customer reaction has been truly invigorating!

I’m currently working with Mike Cohen (everyone’s favorite Digital Paleontologist!) and others to determine what can provide the most value to our customers going forward — so thank you for this request, I’ve captured it!