Using WebP images in O365 send email workflow step

I am trying to refer to a WebP image from a URL on the Internet in the O365 “send email” workflow step and use that image as our company logo when sending out emails using the same step.

It used to work fine when that image was in .jpg format. But after they changed the image to .webp format the logo is not being displayed in the emails sent out by O365 “send email” step.

I am using the below format (ignore the # signs):

<#img src=“https://URL_TO_THE_IMAGE.webp”#>

Any help is appreciated!

Are you using the Outlook app to view the emails? It looks like you have to have a Webp Extension installed for o365 apps to recognize Webp images.

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Yes, using outlook to view the images.

Can I store the .jpg image locally on the orchestrator and refer to it instead of referring to the one on the internet?

How should I point to the image locally on the orchestrator? Something like this would work? <#img src=“”#>

I always base64 encode my images then use those in emails

<img src="...AAAAA//2Q=="/>

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Thank you! That resolved my issue.

Any idea how to adjust the image size?

I tried different combinations of this: width=“400” height=“75” and this: style=“width:30px;height:auto;” but none seem to work.