Using API or SQL to get info from remediation projects


This might’ve been addressed in another topic, but I couldn’t find it.

Is there a way to export information from the existing remediation projects (via API or SQL query)? I know I can go into the GUI and export via CSV, but we’d rather do it programmatically to build scripts that interact with our patching system.

A good starting point would be to export all solutions titles from a given remediation project.


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Hi @pedro_queiros, there is not a programatic way for retrieving remediation projects information today. I’ll pass this post along internally though. :slightly_smiling_face:



This would be extremely useful. Also notice that api endpoints already exist as the dashboard itself refers to ‘/ea/ra/api/2/project/[id]/remediation/[id]/solution’ to retrieve the data, and the only issue in getting there by code is the authentication.

Did this get into the features queue?


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