Username Update

We’ve just rolled out an update to the way names and usernames are generated for new users who join the community. If your Insight platform account name is John Doe and you join the forum today, your username will now be generated to read jdoe. This makes it easily taggable as @jdoe on the forum, similar to how it would be in Slack or other chat tools.

This update does not affect existing users, so no need to fret if your username is already happily set to something like BrutalAquaMoose55 :wink: And of course, if you want to update your name/username to be something else, you can do that too! To update either one, you can:

  1. Visit your user profile
  2. Update your name and username fields
  3. Scroll down and click Save

That’s all for now. Happy forum-ing! :cake: