Use of Artificial Intelligence in Rapid7 Products


we’re currently doing some research around the use of artificial intelligence in our security products. I was wondering if there’s any kind of artificial intelligence used in Rapid7 security products (IDR, ICON, InsightVM, AppSec, CloudSec)? If so, which areas of the product are covered by AI? If no AI is in place, are there any plans to go into this area in the future?

Funny enough we are looking at the same thing. Our idea is to collect risk data from Rapid7, pass it over to open AI (API) and get a scoring out. Do this in timely intervals and done.

I’m also curious to the AI stuffs and Rapid7, would be a great thing I think.
I did find this on the blog - Rapid7 Takes Next Step in AI Innovation with New AI-Powered Threat Detections | Rapid7 Blog