Upgrading Postgresql DB Server

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I was wondering if anyone else in the community runs a dedicated Postgresql server? I use the data warehouse function to export data from the Rapid7 console to the dedicated Postgresql DB on a daily basis. I have built a PowerBI Dashboard on which I publish the scan results for our system owners. With the previously mentioned Postgresql DB as the data source.

The documentation states that Rapid7 InsightVM supports Postgresql 9.4 and higher. Does this also include major releases 10.x and above? Or does this only apply within major releases 9.x?

Because currently my Posgresql server runs on version 9.4.16. And I’m not sure if updating to the latest version 15 is a good idea. Nevertheless, I would not like to continue working with the current outdated version much longer than necessary.

It would be interesting to know how you handle it, or how it looks from an officials with an upcoming update on the console.

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I have the same setup with the DW shipping to an older version of PostgreSQL and would like to also know if there are any issues upgrading.

I’m fairly certain this includes major releases 10.x and above as I’m running an instance in that range.

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Ok, thanks for the reply.