Uninstalling the agent when I can't uninstall the agent

I have a computer which previously had Rapid7 agent installed. But the program isn’t listed for uninstall in Programs and Features, and some of the directory structure from the previous install is missing.

I can’t re-install the agent without first uninstalling a busted agent. Is there a cleaner tool which can remove everything from a failed or broken installation?

I had a similar issue today, I renamed the directory then deleted the registry entries found using –

reg query HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products\ /f “Rapid7 Insight Agent” /s

I then ran the installer and it installed as it should.

After I verified all installed and was working correctly, I deleted the directory I renamed earlier.

hope this helps and isn’t to late :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response! I really appreciate it. To clarify, I am seeing many objects in [truncated]\Products with hexadecimal names. You’re saying I should delete the entire hex named object which the query identifies as the one used by R7?

When I ran the reg query above it found several similar to this -


When selecting the key on the left you see various R7 info on the right, all related to that particular R7 installation, sooo I deleted the entire key. since it’s no longer relevant anyway.

I have not experienced any adverse side affects from doing so, and the new installation creates its own new key, so hakuna matata I say :slight_smile:

Have you tried downloading the agent then running as administrator (may need to extract the zip to get to the files)

msiexec /x agentInstaller-x86_64.msi