UI Suggestion for Plugin Updates

So I LOVE the feature where Steps turn yellow when there is an error like you removed a step that was called downstream! I’ll intentionally hide a step just so that I can see everywhere it is used if I want to double check things.
Taking this one step further, When a Plugin get a Major update and manually needs to be updated can there be an indicator to show that? Maybe something like :new: in the corner?
Right now I have to go back to the list to make sure I updated all my instances of a Plugin by looking at the update notification on the Active Workflow.

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad you’re liking the new error indicators.

Definitely agree that some sort of visual cue in the builder for plugin updates would make things easier. We just created an “idea” ticket for this so we can dig into it further.

Also, keep the suggestions coming. They’ve been really helpful so far and we’re always looking for ways to improve workflow building/testing/etc. :+1:

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