Trying to install agent on a Internet restricted subnet

Im trying to install agent on a machine that belongs to a subnet with severely restricted Internet. The destination address has to be put in on the firewall to allow Internet access.

This is what I got from the log. Not sure what is the destination address its trying to access. Please let me know. Thank you.

Action start 10:47:03: customConnectActionId.
ConnectivityTest: Initialized.
ConnectivityTest: Got the following properties:
ConnectivityTest: verifyInputResult: Connection to R7 endpoint failed, please check your internet connection or verify that your token or proxy config is correct and try again
ConnectivityTest: sourceDir: C:\Rapid7
ConnectivityTest: uiInstall:
ConnectivityTest: testResult:
ConnectivityTest: reportPath:
ConnectivityTest: runAllTests:
ConnectivityTest: proxyConfig:
MSI (s) (FC:C0) [10:47:03:788]: Doing action: customCopyActionId

I ran into this when our proxy changed and we were troubleshooting devices connecting to to old proxy.
It took some troubleshooting because it was also our orchestrator, but we eventually discovered it was the Agent and I needed to reinstall the Agent to pick up the new system proxy settings. The URL is what led us to discovering this and I’m pretty sure it was

Thank you, Brandon. I put into our firewall exception list, and it still failed. grr.

do you do ssl inspection? I think we had to bypass that because the cert might be pinned.