Track and Report on Time and Budget Saved with InsightConnect!

When it comes to monitoring and reporting on your security solutions, we understand that it can be difficult to quantify the return on your investments. Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we prioritized a series of improvements to our Home Page to help you quantify how your InsightConnect automation workflows perform over time!

:sparkles:Introducing: The NEW Time Saved Using Automation dashboard card! :sparkles: To help our customers realize the ROI from using InsightConnect, we’ve built a new configurable card to track both time & budget saved data over time when workflows run successfully. Globally filter the Home Page over different time ranges, and compare time & budget saved data between the current and previous timescale to see how new workflows or updates to your environment affect the statistics.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 11.55.41 AM

On the top right corner of the Home Page, you’ll see a “Dashboard Settings” button. Here, you’ll be able to make bulk updates to the Time Saved values for active workflows so you can easily ensure you’re getting the full picture. As many of our customers are new to SOAR, we provide Time Saved value suggestions based on workflow complexity for any active workflows in your environment that do not have a time saved value configured. Additionally, adjust your company’s global Average Cost Per Hour value to ensure the correct Budget Saved value is displayed.

Read more about the new updates in our documentation. Have feedback? :mega: As always, let us know what you like & how we can improve this experience for you!