Toolkits and and Library templates for IDR

Why are there so few (or none) templates, tool kits, canned compliance reports, etc for IDR compared to the other modules like Insiteconnect and insiteVM?


Hi Tracey, appreciate the message! Out of interest, are there any compliance frameworks that you’re particularly interested in when it comes to reporting?

The good news is that we have product enhancements in the pipeline that we hope will make it easier to build compliance dashboards & reports. Keep an eye on the Dashboards & Reports tab in IDR over the next few weeks for these improvements :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry for the delay in response.
The compliance frameworks that I am interested in reporting on are HIPAA and GLBA regulations, including securing healthcare data in cloud environments.
please feel free to point out the Dashboard & report improvements.
Thanks so much.

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Hi Tracey,

Thanks for getting back. So we’ve added our Dashboard Library that gives you access to pre-built dashboards.

We currently have pre-built dashboards that cover ISO 27001, once you’ve created these dashboards you can easily create reports from them. We’re hoping to add HIPAA support within the coming weeks, so I can let you know when that is live.

To get to the Dashboard Library in InsightIDR, you can navigate to Dashboards and Reports page, then in the top right corner of the page, you’ll see a Dashboard Library button.