The Ultimate InsightConnect Resource List - Start Here!

Welcome to the ultimate InsightConnect resource thread! :coffee: :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

If you’re looking for some information on how to get started with InsightConnect, or you just want to browse the resources we have available for both beginner and more seasoned users, check out the list below. We plan on updating this list on a regular basis, but if there’s something you think is missing, let us know and we’ll look into getting it added!

What should I automate? What have other people automated?

  1. What have you automated so far in InsightConnect?

How to build a workflow

  1. InsightConnect Workflow Building Blocks

Workflow ideas and designs

  1. ABA and UBA alerts - Workflow design and overview

  2. UBA Alerts - User login from unknown location

  3. Slack or Teams - Create request for device reimage

What are some of the latest InsightConnect updates?

  1. Official InsightConnect release notes

  2. Check out our Releases subcategory on this forum and post some feedback!

API Resources

  1. Official InsightConnect API docs

  2. Some example scripts using the API