Teams not triggering flow

I am having issues with Microsoft Teams not triggering flow. I validated the Teams name and Channel. Microsoft teams plugin connectivity appears to be working when testing. Any ideas?

Is it only a single workflow or multiple Teams workflows? To validate the connection works you can create a workflow with an API trigger and a Teams step to send a message to Teams. Run the workflow via the Run button or Test and see if it sends a message and confirm your connection works. The next step would be to look at your trigger command and make certain it is matching exactly what you type in to trigger the workflow.

I created a api trigger workflow and a teams to send message. I am getting this output error “Failed to get license information for the user. Ensure user has a valid Office365 license” .

I didn’t see that in the documenation that o365 license was required. Did you all apply o365 license to the service account to get that working?

Did you follow the guide to create a Teams connection in Azure / ICON? If not you will need to create a user and register them in Azure to use the Graph API in order for Teams to work. Here are some guides that walk you through the process.

Connection Guide
Getting The Most Out Of Teams

Once that is complete if you are still receiving the same error I would suggest reaching out to Support and they can work directly with you to pinpoint the issue.

This looks like the account you are using is not licensed for Teams.

thank you all. We applied F3 license and now its working.