Teams Get Reply Functionality

Has anyone used the Get Reply function in Teams? I cannot figure out how to get it to work.

You probably want to use Get Reply List instead of Get reply. Get reply is only good if you have the ID of the message reply. Which you cannot get unless you first list replies using the parent message id.

Yeah man I have been trying that as well, it seems to arbitrarily decide when it does and does not want to work and actually pull anything in.

This is a workflow I created to test the functionality. You might see if it works for your use case. All I’m doing is using a teams trigger to start the workflow. A Send Message action to ask a question, and then a snippet to get the replies using the

Note: You will need to rename the extension of the snippet to “.snpt” in order to import it.
Team Replies (1).icon (66.7 KB)
Get Reply snippet.icon (6.5 KB)

I think I have it figured out now, couple of tips in case anyone else runs into this issue.

  1. Use the ID for the original message in the thread.
  2. Create a sleep function before you get the replies to allow time for entry and Teams to process it.
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That’s probably it. I have a loop in my snippet to check until I get results.

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That would work too, I didn’t realize that is what it was doing until I had an active job up and saw it jump down to the output of the Get Reply List step before I even typed anything. Thinking about it, it makes sense ICON doesn’t know it’s supposed to wait unless you tell it to.