Standard Practice for Aquisition

I am trying to find out what are the IVM best practices when acquiring new assets at a different site?
Is it better to tag, group or add them to a new site? and what kind of vulnerability scanning practices have been deployed and proven to obtain the maximum benefit with minimal effort.


I had a lot of questions on this recently.
I was told that Sites take up the most memory on the console and you should have as few as possible.
I have a discovery Site, then a Site for each of the credentials I have with Schedules for each Engine Pool.
Tagging and Asset Groups are a good way to carve up your data.
I use to use Asset Groups for tagging, but too many Asset Groups is a performance issue as well.
I now Group where I want to Report and Filter, and Tag for enrichment.
There is a balance between access, resources, and management that all need to be considered when laying out your data.

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