Stacked/Layered Queries

Hi All,

Has anyone found it possible to overlay or join queries in a visualization? As an example, if we were looking to create a line graph containing data results from multiple queries for a timeframe.

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hello. not sure if this is what your looking for but your “groupby” after your query you can have multiple items separated with a comma. like where(username_name=XZY) groupby(destination_asset,username)

hope this helps, its a really cool feature that extends to the dashboards.

@rford ,

You can do that pretty easily. In your example you wanted to use a line graph, when you build your dashboard card, ensure the final portion of your query is a calculate(count) function, then when you add a second query, put calculate(count) at the end of that one. When you have 2 or more queries your visualization options should include the “Stacked Area” option in the bottom left which I’m assuming is what you’re looking for.

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These were very helpful thank you guys, we found what we needed here.

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@rford I’m glad you got what you needed!