SQL reports are getting failed

Can someone help me with report functionality, I have a huge assets data in my site and trying to run SQL report against the same for vulnerabilities and other details, but every time it’s getting failed or aborted.

Did anyone faced the same issue. To the other VM tools they have the functionality to run the report for couple of hours and restart the reports again until it’s get failed.

Please suggest your thought and any alternate solutions for the same.


Hi Amit!

It’s hard to make a solid recommendation without knowing why the report is failing - this kind of information would be in the console logs. It’s something that Rapid7 Support engineers could assist you with via the Customer Portal.

Based on your description, it sounds like one possibility is that your report is too resource-intensive and the reports are failing because your console runs out of resources. If that’s the case, then again it’s hard to make recommendations without knowing the details of the console, the console’s host, the SQL query used, the report configuration etc.

One thing that you can always try is to reduce the scope of the report. You can e.g. use asset groups that encompass the subset of the site. You could use the divide-and-conquer technique, i.e. keep reducing the scope by half until you get the scope that works.