SQL Query Trending Report

Would any of you be able to assist with the requirements for this SQL Query?

Requirements: Develop a 6-months to today trending report of critical vulnerabilities for the different asset groups so we can show a trend of either up/down/no change when it comes to patching against critical vulnerabilities for next month.

I’m going through all the git hub repository’s to see if there might be a template I can work off of. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

There is no query for tracking remediation in the console schema. We can however compare two separate scans themselves. insightvm-sql-queries/New-and-Remediated-Vulns-with-Vuln-details.sql at master · rapid7/insightvm-sql-queries · GitHub

The example query above compares two scans (previous and most current) and calculates the difference. Only the data warehouse tracks dates in time for when vulnerabilities were remediated.