SQL Query help!

Dear Team,
I’m trying to execute the below SQL Query from the Link: Blaming insightvm-sql-queries/data-warehouse-sql-queries/Critical-And_Severe-Remediated-In-Date-Range.sql at master · rapid7/insightvm-sql-queries · GitHub

select count (vrd.vulnerability_id)

from fact_asset_vulnerability_remediation_date vrd

join fact_asset_vulnerability_finding_date vfd

using (vulnerability_id)

where vrd.day between ‘2020-08-21’ and ‘2020-08-29’ AND

vfd.critical_vulnerabilities = ‘1’ or

vfd.severe_vulnerabilities = ‘1’

But we are receiving error as below

Error: relation “fact_asset_vulnerability_remediation_date” does not exist

Character: 42

Is that we needs to change on this Query. Could someone please review and advise.